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National certification of Power adapter

Power adapter, also known as adapter, power supplies, switching power supplies, etc., mainly used digital, small appliances well as a variety use DC electronic Instrument.

According to the specifications and certification can be divided into: UL, CCC, CE, SAA, GS, BS, PSE, etc.

National certification of Power adapter

UL is Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) abbreviation. UL safety research institute is America's most authoritative, also is the world engage security testing and identification of large private institutions . It is an independent, non-profit, for public safety do testing professional organizations. It uses scientific the test methods to study to determine the extent of a variety of materials, devices, products, equipment other life, property whether hazards and hazards extent; determine, write, issue the appropriate standards and help reduce and prevent life property losses of data, while carrying out the facts research business. In power adapter, UL product requirements wire, radiation, environmental protection, high performance requirements on safety, the general high-pressure test 2500VDC.

In the past, the EC countries on imported and sales products requirements vary, according to a country's standard manufacturing goods to other countries is likely not the CE certification, as to eliminate trade barriers effort part, CE certification came into being. Therefore, CE certification on behalf the European unification (Conformite Europeenne).

n fact, CE certification or the European Community many countries languages "European Community" phrase abbreviation,original in English phrase EUROPEAN COMMUNITY abbreviated as EC, because the EC is in French COMMUNATE EUROPEIA, Italian is COMUNITA EUROPEA, Portuguese is COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish is COMUNIDADE EUROPE, etc., so as to change EC CE. Of course, it may wish to CE certification deemed CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN.

GS is German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (security certification), there are also "Germany Safety" mean. GS certification to the German Product Safety Act (GPGS) as the basis, in accordance with the European harmonized standards EN or German industrial standard DIN for testing a voluntary certification, is the European market recognized Germany safety certification mark.

Australian standards body for the STADARDS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIAN, so many of my friends Australian certification called the SAA certification. SAA is actually just the standard-setting bodies, without issuing Certification. SAA later renamed: STANDARDS AUSTRALIA LIMITED. SAA is an independent company with no direct relationship with the government, but the federal and state governments is one of its members. SAA and the Australian Federal Government signed a memorandum ,acknowledged SAA is Australia the non-governmental standards organizations in highest organizations.

3C certification full called "compulsory product certification system", it is governments to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security, enhance product quality management, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. The so-called 3C certification, is China compulsory product certification system, the English name the China Compulsory Certification, abbreviation CCC.

Japan PSE certification is mandatory safety certification,proved electrical electronic products have been by Nippon Electric and Material Safety Law (DENAN Law) or the international IEC safety standard test standards. DENTORL Law of Japan (electrical installations and Material Control Law), 498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Among them, 165 kinds a Class A products should be made diamond PSE mark, 333 kinds a Class B products should be made round PSE mark.

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